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Camera Security
Users using the Alta Aware Platform

Camera Security

INTEK provides superior protection for your business with our range of security solutions, from hosted to on premise, from one camera to hundreds, and with AI enabled notifications, you can trust our system to filter out false alerts and notify you only when genuine activity occurs. Get real-time access to your security system from anywhere, at any time, to monitor your business with ease.

Door Access

Managed access to one or hundreds of doors across multiple locations with our door access platform. The platform integrates seamlessly with our camera security system and offers state-of-the-art mobile access control. With high-end features like touchless mobile credentials, you can easily manage security at scale for any size business.

User using Wave to unlock feature with the Alta Platform
Customers using Hosted Phone system

Phone Systems

Our hosted business phone systems have the features of a modern phone system, while also providing the flexibility to easily send and receive calls via the app on your mobile device, along with the ability to manage your phone system over the web from anywhere.  So in the event of inclement weather, you can easily log into the website and forward your calls, send them to voicemail, or just log into your mobile app and take calls, all without having to go into the office to set it up. 

Networking | Wi-Fi

INTEK prioritizes both functionality and security, ensuring reliable and fast networking that abides by our high standards. Our Wi-Fi solutions empower you with real insights into your client’s usage patterns, while giving you complete control over their devices. 

Networking Equipment
Typing on a Keyboard

Managed IT Services

INTEK's IT team is your trusted partner for your small business IT needs. We understand that not every business needs a full-time IT staff, so we offer customized solutions that fit your unique requirements. Our team is always available to provide fast, reliable support that keeps your business running smoothly.

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