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Alta Cloud Security

We think the Alta Platform is among the best video management systems around, mainly because of its user-friendly and efficient design. It is an open platform that allows for expandability and ease of entry. And smart analytics allow for fast responses and keeps you from having to scroll through hours of videos.

Lets take a look!

Alta Aware Video Search

Search is a great tool to find incidents that have happened but while not making you scroll through hours of video like you used to have to do on typical camera security systems. The Search tool gives you multiple ways to search for incidents, the most helpful tools are Appearance, Line Crossing, and Loitering. Sound can be very useful, but it is one of the few analytics that are only compatible with Avigilon Alta cameras. Now let’s dig into each search tool!

Alta Aware Maps

Map view has an analytic driven feature called smart presence, this will allow you to get powerful situational awareness, by showing all presence of people an vehicles across a large area in real time.

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